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Why Haven't Accepted Government Funding

Charities, or non-profits, receive their funding from multiple sources. Most derive large revenue from earned income, membership fees, and government contracts. Matthew’s Hope, however, derives revenue from private contributions such as individuals, foundations, grants, and corporations.

So why don’t we seek government funding? Truthfully, this decision is a very thoughtful one on the part of Founder, Scott Billue, and the Board of Directors.

The Matthew’s Hope Moving Forward program is one in which we require accountability from our Guests. We conduct background checks and random drug testing as a standard part of our program. These activities ensure the safety of our staff and Guests and validate compliance to our drug-free policy. They are an essential part of our effort to assist in understanding our Guests’ stories and in helping them to move forward. In most cases, government funding, however, would impose a very restrictive environment for operations. We would not be able to conduct these verifications.

Another challenge is that often government funds are awarded for a specific service or activity. This would leave no option to shift those funds.As we witnessed through the pandemic, most non-profits dependent on government funds had to cut back on their services to clients until they have no other choice.

Matthew’s Hope, however, was very nimble through the pandemic. Overnight we transformed our on-site services to a mobile operation---one which has grown throughout these past two years. Unfortunately, as government funding is reduced, our fellow charities have run out of alternatives. They were forced to shutter their operations.

Matthew’s Hope provides crucial health and human services to our most vulnerable citizens. Government funds include burdensome tracking and reporting requirements. We have a small staff, and the cost impact of these requirements or to hire an additional resource to process paperwork is a cost that we feel is wasteful. Matthew’s Hope will certainly continue to evaluate government funding. But we will do keeping our mission and the community we serve in mind. Our intent is to regularly evaluate all funding options that will carry Matthew’s Hope into the future and enable our ability to serve the homeless men, women, and children of west Orange County.

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