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Over the course of the past 13 years, Matthew’s Hope Ministries has taken on massive growth, which has increased our opportunities to serve the homeless men, women and families in West Orange County and now in Central Brevard County. President and CEO Scott Billue founded Matthew’s Hope more than a decade ago with the intention of getting homeless residents and families back on their feet and off the streets. That critical mission still holds true today. What started as a temporary shelter for the homeless during freezing weather conditions, has rapidly expanded multiple times over the years.

Today, Matthew’s Hope encompasses our flagship outreach campus in Winter Garden, two preschools and daycares, our new campus in Cocoa, two workshops, and multiple transitional housing units. Thanks to the tremendous resources we have, along with the dedicated staff and volunteers of Matthew’s Hope, we’re providing much-needed access to social and government services, medical and mental healthcare, clothing and hygiene care. These are just some of the opportunities for our guests to help themselves towards a life of self-sustainability for the numerous communities we serve. During the pandemic era of Matthew’s Hope, while the doors of our outreach center were temporarily closed, our services continued to be provided to the vulnerable men, women and children of West Orange County by taking our services mobile and directly to the homeless.

While our campus has long since been reopened to provide all of our services to the homeless, our signature mobile outreach program is still going strong today; continuing to reach the most vulnerable in our communities. In 2022, Matthew’s Hope Ministries embarked on an ambitious journey to open a second campus to expand our reach to the homeless men, women and families of Central Brevard County.

With the acquisition of our new campus in Cocoa, the dreams of our CEO Scott Billue are coming to fruition. Each day the Cocoa campus takes another step closer towards providing life-changing services to those in need in Brevard County. Staff is being hired, volunteers recruited, and construction rapidly moving forward every day. All the growth that Matthew’s Hope Ministries has experienced over the years wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff, volunteers and community partners our ministry has had over the past 13 years. Because of everyone that has been a part of Matthew’s Hope over the years, our mission of “Help Us. Help Them. Help Themselves” has been realized over and over again. So, from the entire team at Matthew’s Hope Ministries, we thank everyone who has made our first 13 years of success a reality and we look towards the future to see how Matthew’s Hope continues to grow and continues to serve the homeless men, women, and children of Central Florida.

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