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New Year, New Website! The New

Have you seen me? It's been a while, but I promise it's worth a visit. It's a New Year and Matthew's Hope is proud to launch it's new website The main purpose of the new website is to make it easy for our visitors to navigate the different programs and services we have to offer the homeless in our community.

The first thing you'll notice when you visit our website is our cover video. The team at Matthew's Hope has so much to offer from our Food Pantry to the new Medical Home, take a moment to watch video to see the vast array of services that we provide. From there click on "Programs and Services". Each section is descriptive and tells the story of what Matthew's Hope has to offer.

Need to get in touch with Matthew's Hope? Click on "Contact". Our Administration section has an easy form to fill out as well as a list of our Board Members. The Contact Section also has links to our new Matthew's Hope Chest website and our Volunteer Interest Form.

Many people know Matthew's Hope in the community based upon our Events. Every year Matthew's Hope hosts 3 events; the Garden Party, Giving on the Green, and the Community Christmas Carnival. These Events are designed not only to raise money, but to build awareness regarding the homeless crisis in our community. Please take some time to learn about our annual Events and make plans to join us in the future.

The final piece of our new website is our Testimonials which is in the "Our Story" section. From Shannon to Hector, each of our homeless guests has a name and a story. Your contributions have helped give our guests hope and promise for the future. Our sincere wish is to fill our Testimonial page with success stories. Please consider making a donation and help us, help them, help themselves.

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