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Meet Barb

I came to Matthew’s Hope for transitional housing after spending 6 weeks in a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. My two young daughters and I had to leave home due to the situation. Since we didn’t have family in this country and only a few friends that live in Massachusetts, we had nowhere to go.

Finally, after three weeks of searching and making calls to other places that offer transitional housing, I found information about Matthew’s Hope. There were only a few days before we had to leave the shelter. I know that God heard my prayers, because at that point I was already desperate and having trouble finding a place that would help me. To my surprise, the person who answered my call at Matthew’s Hope that day was very kind, she was interested in my situation and she explained a little about the services they offered. In the following week I had my interview with one of the advocates and was placed in the program.

I have been in the Matthew’s Hope program for eleven months. Thanks to this program my daughters and I are living n the transitional house where we feel safe. My youngest daughter had the opportunity to attend Matthew’s Hope daycare, Firm Foundation, while I worked for points at Matthew’s Hope. With the points I accumulated in the program, I had the opportunity to get a car. I can now transport myself along with my daughters. I started out walking and then bicycling with a trailer stroller. The best news that Matthew’s Hope gave me was the news of me having my own car. I am currently getting help processing my citizenship.

My daughters and I are very grateful to Matthew’s Hope for all of the effort and dedication that they put into helping those that are homeless. It is also a satisfaction to be able to contribute with my work to serve other people in need.

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