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Founder's Forum

The Founder’s Forum is traditionally the place where I share my perspective on the content you are about to enjoy and provide some ministry “points of pride.” Yet, as I sat to author the Forum for this issue, I was wholly distracted by the Russian attack on Ukraine. I am horrified at the disregard for life by an attack on a peaceful, neighboring nation. This has and will continue to have an impact on our economy and those throughout the world. When one considers what our nation, and the world, has been through these past 2 years, it is hard to fathom any more hardship and economic uncertainty. Yet, amid this chaos, Matthew’s Hope has managed to pivot, grow, and remain a relevant resource to those who need us the most---the homeless men, women, and children of our community.

During the pandemic, we witnessed so many other nonprofits who either failed completely or were forced into dormancy throughout the pandemic. But Matthew’s Hope blossomed---partly out of necessity and partly due to the unwavering support of our community. We have expanded both our services and coverage area to care for more than 1,000 homeless men, women and children living amongst us…and now we’re happy to announce that we are expanding to Brevard County, FL.

In this issue you will read about the expansion to Brevard, learn about our Outreach Center, new Garden of Eatin’ Food Pantry, and the formal opening of our Medical Home. You will learn about where our operating resources come from and how they are disbursed. There is also a wonderful article by one of our Board members on Estate Giving. We hope you will enjoy the pictures of our 2021 Garden Party Fundraiser and Community Christmas Carnival. The Hope in Action pictorial highlights our new home in Cocoa Beach, our community partners doing their part by being the difference they want to see in their world. Megan Galamback, our Firm Foundation Preschool Director, shares her thoughts on caring for and nurturing our children during a pandemic. Our Spotlight Stories on Board Members, Community Partners, Volunteers and more will help you understand how we achieve our mission. But perhaps most powerful to me, are the Guest success stories peppered throughout the issue. These are how I define success!

We hope you enjoy our Matthew’s Hope Moving Forward Magazine and find it informative. It is our desire to be transparent with all we do and to it with excellence. This is only accomplished with the love and support of our donors, supporters, and readers. Thank you!

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